London Event Information

We run talks, workshops, and social events. Come along and work on your personal projects, and also meet like-minded people.

Upcoming events are listed on our Meetup community page.

Buddy Scheme

We know it can be difficult to join a new social group, so we offer a Buddy Scheme to make it easier. One of our team will meet you before the event starts, and introduce you to the group.

Please send an email to with the following information:

  • name
  • pronouns
  • contact email or phone number
  • which event you would like a buddy for
  • at what time you would like to meet before the event (up to 30 minutes before)
  • whether you have a preference for a particular location to meet (e.g. in a cafe, outside or inside a tube station, should be close to the venue)

Would you like to volunteer to be a buddy for a new attendee?

Thank you very much, we rely on volunteers to keep this going!

Please join the #buddy-scheme channel on our Slack. We’re looking for people who:

  • commit to attending a meetup
  • are prepared to meet new members before the event starts and walk to the venue together
  • will try and help new members to feel welcome during the meetup


We try to host our events in accessible spaces. Check the individual event pages for specific venue information.